I was one of those very fortunate individuals brought up by grandmothers and aunts who loved plastering naturals oils on our hair just before school. My Ayeyo (Somali for grandmother), loved a particular coconut oil that had a strong pungent smell that everybody recognized in school. She would make sure you had it slathered all of your body, the more you glistened the better! For years that is all I knew in terms of body and hair moisturizers. Whenever you fell ill, the famous dark glass bottle of black seed oil would show its face and most of us felt like if we could run a mile we would! Unlike the conventional flavored syrups of today, the black seed oil had a spicy strong flavor that was hard to swallow. However, we all grew up big and strong just like our Ayeyos said.  I'm now older, wiser, and have started a journey of re-educating and carrying on what the older generations did before me. However, with different means; using the latest technology and methods of extraction, we preserve most of the needed nutrients in our products. 
Follow me on this journey of holistic healing with the use of natural health products so that we may pass on this knowledge for generations to come. 
- Amina Haider, Founder